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Thursday, August 14, 2008

#679 - The Great Nabob, Seattle (lower Queen Anne) - 8/13/2008

Update: The Nabob closed in July 2018.

I finally made it to this bar. I like the crowd and if I go at a busier time I might make it one of my recommendations. And I'm a sucker for bars with fezzes in their logos. But it's a pity that the decor of the bar itself doesn't contain a bit more of the character of the logo. Along with a good selection of local beers they feature an odd selection of small bites including poutine, hummus, yam fries and mini burgers.

The old Great Nabob location in Nov. 2020

Old Nabob web site
(image from wayback machine)

819 5th Ave N Seattle, WA - 206-281-9850
Est. ? (By 2005) - Closed July 2019 - Building constructed: 1920
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