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Monday, May 26, 2008

#651 - The Ould Triangle, Seattle - 5/24/2008

Update: In mid 2018 the Ould Triangle Facebook page anounced that they are losing their lease as of June 30, 2019: "We have a year left on our lease...(June 30th, 2019) come enjoy every last day in our amazing space that we have been in for 15 years....Pool table, dart boards ... characters ... we have it all!  Come join in the fun!!" The bar lasted a bit longer than that, but finally closed in December 2019.

I've actually been here several times before, but never managed to doc for K-Bar. A pleasant enough place, from the same folks who run Molly Maguires.  Darts nights, poker nights, trivia nights.

The bar also has a regular calendar of live music, including briefly hosting one of my favorite events with Underwood Stables and Billy Joe Huels.

The Ould Triangle, Seattle, WA
Historical notes:  There's been a bar here since shortly after prohibition -- city guides list a bar owned by Ivan McKinnon in 1934, later listed as "Mack's Tavern" under his ownership. Mack's remained until the mid 60s, where it very briefly became Mae's Tavern and then by 1969 was the "Score Card Tavern." In the mid 70s it became the "Mustang Tavern" briefly and by 1979 and into the early 80s was known as "O-Zone." The mid 80s brought the "M-G Tavern," followed by "Headquarters Tavern" late in that decade, then "Cardiff Arms Ale House" in the 90s, "The Globe," and then the "Ould Triangle" sometime in 2000 or 2001.

9736 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103-3054 - (206) 706-7798
Est. 2001? - Closed Dec 2019 - Building constructed: 1932
Previous bars at this location: Mack's Tavern, Mae's Tavern, Score Card Tavern, Mustang Tavern, O-Zone, M-G Tavern, Headquarters Tavern, Cardiff Arms Ale House, Ould Triangle, Ivan McKinnon, Globe Ale House - facebook

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