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Bars where Pete has had a Drink (3,265 bars; 1,493 bars in Seattle):

Bars where Pete has had a drink

Saturday, March 11, 2006

#477 - Cassidy's, San Francisco - 3/10/2006

An Irish-themed dive, but too little Irish and too little divey to make the great dive bar list. However, about 30 seconds after I sat down, a patron threw his empty pint glass at the bartender, who was on the phone, yelled something about a "want a fucking beer," and stormed out, melodramatically flinging a bunch of change at the wall as he stomped on out the front door. So a plus for entertainment.

#476 - Club Hide (The Foundery) - 3/10/2006

Unlike Obscure Curio, this was a real goth night with real goth people. Unfortunately, it was only about ten people, on all three floors.

#475 - The Stud, San Francisco - 3/10/2006

The ads for "The Obscure Curio" made it look like a monthly goth event at a normally gay venue. As it turned out, it was just a DJ playing goth music at a gay club. ("Not that there's anything wrong with that.")

But since gays don't like goth, it was also super boring. There were six people there, and they were wearing blue jeans. When you can't even get gays to dress in theme, you're in a bad way.

#474 - The Tonga Room - 3/10/2006

Excellent. I would rate the Tonga Room a very close second to the Mai Kai, and I can't understand why more isn't made of it by west coast tiki folk. Not only is the general decor close the Mai Kai, but the rain storms every half hour and the band -- though it's neither an exotica band nor a very good band -- coming out on a boat in the middle of the pool -- this is top rank tiki escapism.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

#470 - The Marina Lounge, San Francisco - 3/9/2006

A small Boston Southie bar transported to San Francisco. Blue collar, North Beach Italians insulting each other and using "fucking" as every third word. Complete with a patron whom the bartender and other customers openly wish (I couldn't tell how seriously) would leave. "Did Richie leave?" "Nah, he just went to the bathroom." "Ah, fuck, I was hoping he committed suicide." "You should just paint 'Men's Room' over the back door." I like the place.

#469 - Trader Vics, Bellevue - 3/8/2006

Closed August 24, 2008

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

#468 - St. Andrews Bar and Grill, Seattle - 2/28/2006

I expected this to be just another name change to the Lion's Lair, Greenwood Grill, etc. etc., but Craig, the new owner, radically upgraded the space. It now has very high ceilings, a fireplace, is tons cleaner, a Scottish theme (one can't help suspecting Craig's accent got a wee bit thicker after leaving his job at the Paragon to run this place), and good food that runs from standard to upscale pub fare. I can see myself visiting frequently, and this northwest end of Greenlake might be one club away from becoming quite the draw with the Scots at St. Andrews, the Aussies and New Zealanders at the Kangaroo and Kiwi, and the beer literate hipsters at Duck Island.

7406 Aurora Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103 - (206) 523-1193
Est. Oct 5, 2005 - Building constructed: 1927
Previous bars at this location:  Greenlake Tavern (40s-60s), Lion's Lair - facebook - yelp

#467 - Duck Island Saloon, Seattle - 2/28/2006

One reason I didn't try this little place sooner was that I expected it, ala Beth's Cafe next door, to serve classic Aurora Ave. Americana fare -- hence Bud, Michelob, and PBR. Boy was I wrong. The taps have an excellent and surprisingly aggressive selection of craft brews, including one that is now my new favorite beer: Diamond Knot Extreme Industrial IPA.

7317 Aurora Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103 - (206) 783-3360
Est. 2002 - Building constructed: 1945
Previous bars at this location: None known
blog - beeradvocate - seattlebeernews - seattleweekly - thestranger - yelp

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Meet Rack - Tucson, Arizona - March 1998

This is my favorite dive bar in the world, and I found it totally by accident.

In Tucson, Arizona for Spring Training in 1998, I wandered into one of the stranger bars I've ever visited. It didn't seem that way at first. The Meet Rack is a pretty large place and it was nearly empty when I first visited it, looking for some place to watch the Sonics and Lakers game. Around the corner from where I sat at the large rectangular bar, an attractive, zoftig, mulatto woman eyed me. "You look like you could use a Butt Fuck," she said to me.

"I hope that's a drink," I responded, and indeed it was -- a concoction created by the woman herself, who sometimes worked at the bar. She asked the fellow working at the time to hand her "The Bible," and he gave her a stack of cards a good two inches thick, full of laminated, colorful cards which each had some drink recipe -- and actually "Butt Fuck" was one of the more modest drink names in there. So I had a Butt Fuck and, as much as I would like to say otherwise, was not particularly found of the experience as for my tastes it was -- and I do not mean this as a pun -- entirely too fruity.

The owner was not there at the time, but the walls were filled with clues about his personality. There were many photos of him as a biker, often with famous people. There were newspaper clips from his boxing career, and more clips from his four unsuccessful attempts running for mayor of Tucson. Some of the clips refered to him as "Jim Anderson" and others refered to him as "God," and the latter was featured on his personalized license plates. There was also a letter, proudly framed, from the county liquor board. This was addressed to Mr. Anderson, and cited three specific dates and restaurants where he had walked in nude. The letter warned that if he showed up in one more Tucson establishment with no clothes on, they would do everything they could to suspend his liquor license. On the opposite wall was yet another newspaper story -- this one describing his 60 violations of state liquor law (I believe this letter may in part explain why in subsequent years we found he had signed over ownership to his daughter.)

A bas relief portrait of the man is covered with coins, which turn out to be AA Sobriety coins that people have traded for a beer. (One of his mottos is "I'll ruin your life.") Against the wall was a jukebox, from which he had removed all the song titles, because he was tired of hearing the same ones over and over. (He still mixed the order of the records now and then to prevent his regulars from learning the numbers.) The men's room urinals had ice in them, and the wall above them had a plaque explaining "We rarely use this ice in our drinks." Eventually the owner himself came in. He was still an athletic man, and required all of his bartenders to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to run with him. He gave roses to any attractive young ladies and none of the bartenders ever failed to ring the bell when they got a tip.

If you agree to be branded with an image of Anderson's face, you get 50 cents off your food and drinks for the rest of your life. When I last checked, nearly 700 over 2,000 people had been branded. There's a condom machine in the women's room and if you buy one -- well let's just say more people will be aware of the fact than you might have wanted.

For many requests you would do things his way, although that seems to be easing ever so slightly over the years. On my first visits I asked what kind of beer they had and the answer was always "beer." They now actually have a bit of choice. And if you asked ordered one of their genuinely high quality cheeseburgers it comes with Worcestershire sauce you will not be allowed other condiments.

Anderson is an even more interesting character when you talk with him -- so interesting that there are many things I cannot write here.  Start by asking him for a tour.

210 West Drachman, Tucson, AZ 85705 - (520) 798-1235 - (map)
Web site: facebook
Est. 1997
Previous bars in this location: Big Ben, Someplace Else, B-52
Articles: examiner - - wildcat - vice - dontpanictucsonunderground - yelp - tucsonweekly (Kardashians) - flickr
Postscript:  On a subsequent trip I copied the text of the letter from the liquor board, framed on the Meet Rack wall:

Dept of Liquor Licenses and Control

The department is aware that you have exhibited yourself in the nude at the Fun Factory at 5822 East Speedway in Tucson recently, and in addition you have also exhibited yourself in the nude at the Bum Steer Bar at 1910 North Stone, Tucson, and that you remained at the bar totally nude for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. It is apparent to the department that you have a tendency as an exhibitionist, but since you are a licensee your attitude in this respect reflects upon your qualifications, capability, and dependability to hold a liquor license in this state.

If the department receives additional reports of this nature, I, as superintendent, will do everything in my power to: 1) revoke your Series 6 Liquor License or 2) Recommend very strongly to the State Liquor Board that your license not be renewed.

This is the only warning you will receive.

Harold H. Moore, Superintendent

The Project

The goal is to list one thousand bars where I've had at least one drink. They can be bars I remember going to 20 years ago or new bars I try out today (my memory is terrible, so additions are mostly places new to me). They can be tiki bars, swanky wine bars, redneck dive taverns, massive techno blaring nightclubs, sports bars overrun by frat boys wearing their caps backwards, goth bars, members-only bars, gay bars, or even restaurants -- as long as they have a bar where people go to get mostly drinks, rather than food. They can be -- at least in one instance -- a bar owned by a man who calls himself "God," who removed all the song names from the juke box so people have to guess, and who proudly displays his letters from local authorities warning him to stop showing up nude at local restaurants.

In this blog I plan to add each new bar as I visit it, sometimes just listing it and sometimes adding some notes. I also plan to describe, now and then, some of the more interesting bars I've visited in the past. I don't take photos or commit to learning the history of every bar -- I don't want this to be work. I don't push myself to go out when I don't feel like it -- I don't want the list to encourage me to go out more -- just to go out to a larger variety of places. On the day I started this blog I could recall 466 bars where I've had a drink, and I'll start by listing those:


Seattle area bars:

 20th Ave Tavern/Pub - 5819 20th Ave NW
5th St. Tavern
74th St. Ale House - 7320 Greenwood (structure built in 1910, bar by 1942)
  Acorn Eatery and Bar - 9041 Holman Rd NW (2001-2009)
Alibi Room - 85 Pike St # 410, Est. 1995
Anthony's (Pier 66) - 2201 Alaskan Way
 Anthony's Homeport Shilshole Bay - 6135 Seaview Ave NW (closed March 2016)
Apartment Bistro - 2226 1st Ave (2004-2008)
Arena Bar at Gameworks - 1511 7th Ave
 Aristocrats - 220 4th Ave S
Attic Alehouse - 4226 East Madison
Axis - 2212 1st Avenue
  Backstage, The - 2208 NW Market (1983-1997)
 Bad Alberts - 5100 Ballard NW (Est. 1995, reopened after closed July-Dec 2011, closed again July 2012, reopened Sep 2013)
Bad Juju Lounge - 1425 10th Ave
Bada Lounge - 2230 1st Ave
Ballard Firehouse - 5429 Russell Ave NW (1995-2003)
Ballard Grill and Alehouse - 4300 Leary Way (AKA the 4 B's, or Ballard's Best Brew and Burgers)
Ballroom in Fremont - 456 N 36th
Balmar, The - 5449 Ballard Ave (closed July 9, 2016)
Baltic Room - 1207 Pine
The Baranoff - 8549 Greenwood
Barca - 1510 11th
Barking Dog Ale House - 705 NW 70th (Est. 2004, previously Mick and Art's Tavern, Seventh Ave Tavern)
 Belltown Billiards - 90 Blanchard (Est. 1993; closed July 2014)
Benjamins - 809 Fairview Pl N
Bernards - 315 Seneca
Bicks - 10555 Greenwood
Big Time Brewery - 4133 University Ave
 Bit Tavern - 4818 17th NW (Now the 2 Bit, previously John's Tavern)
Bizarro - 1307 N 46th - Est. 1986
Bleachers - 8118 Greenwood N - This location closed June 2016 and moved to 8560 Greenwood Ave. N.
Bleu Bistro - 202 Broadway E (2006-2011)
Blue Moon - 712 E 45th (Est. 1934, see
Bogey's - 1540 Eastlake Ave E
Bohemian - 6119 Phinney (previously La Boheme, subsequently Sully's Snow Goose)
Bookstore Bar - 1009 1st (previously U.S. Tavern)
Brasa - 2107 3rd Ave (1999-2010)
Broadway Grill - 314 Broadway E (previously Baffert's, The Broadway, later Grill on Broadway) - Est. 1991 - Closed April 28, 2013
The Brooklyn - 1212 2nd Ave
The Buckaroo Tavern - 4201 Fremont N (1938-2010)
The Bus Stop (original) - 508 E Pine (now at 1552 E Olive)
Cadillac Jack's (Capitol Hill)
Café Septieme - 2331 2nd Ave
Campagne - 86 Pine (now Marche)
 Capitol Club - 414 E Pine (Est. 1997, closed Sep 14, 2013)
Cascadia - 2328 1st Ave (1999-?)  (Later Taberna del Alabardero)
Catwalk - 172 Washington (Previously The People's Theater, The Casino; Heaven, now Volume)

Central Tavern - 207 1st Ave S (Est. 1892) (historical notes) (photo circa 1960)
Century Ballroom, The - 915 E Pine (Est. w/bar 1997)
Cha Cha (original) - 506 E Pine (1998-2007)
Changes Tavern - 2103 N 45th - Est 1989, previously the Looking Glass, the Anxious Asp, the Rat Hole, the Loading Zone, the Bus Stop
The Chapel - 1600 Melrose (2003-9/3/2011)
Charlies Bar and Grill - 217 Broadway E (1976-6/28/2015, building constructed 1914)
Chicago's - 315 1st Ave N (also location of Joy's 21, Niko's Place, Mr. Lucky, Kwatay Lounge, Skybox Lounge)
China Harbor - 2040 Westlake Ave N  (Est. 1994)
Chop Suey - 1325 E Madison (Est. 2002)  (Previously the Breakroom)
Cloud Room - 1619 9th (top of the Camlin Hotel) (1942-2003)
Club 99 (now Highway 99 Blues Club)
Club Medusa - 2218 Western Ave (now Venom)
College Inn Pub - 4006 University Ave NE
Collins Pub - 526 2nd Ave (Est. 2003, previously Red Dog Saloon, Newport Tavern, Gatsby's, Chapter XIII)
Colourbox - 112 1st Ave S. (1991-1999)
Columbia Tower Club - 701 5th Ave, Suite 7500 (Est. 1985)
Comet Tavern - 922 E Pike (Est. 1945, previously "Wee Deoch an' Doris")
Conor Byrne - 5120 Ballard Ave (previous The Owl; building constructed 1902)
Contour - 807 1st Ave  (Est. 1999)
Coopers - 8065 Lake City Way (Est. 1983, building constructed 1933) (previously the Navaho Tavern, Goofy's II, Crazy Otto's Tavern, Goombah's)
Cowgirls Inc. - 421 1st Ave S (Est. 2004)
Crocodile Cafe - 2200 2nd Ave (Est. 1991)
Cutters Bayhouse - 2001 Western Ave (Est. 1983)
Dad Watsons - 3601 Fremont Ave N (Est. 1996, closed June 18, 2011; to relocate to U District)
Dantes - 5300 Roosevelt Way (Est. 1971)
Del Rey - 2332 1st Ave (2005-2011) (Now Sarajevo)
Deluxe Bar and Grill - 625 N Broaday (Est. 1942 or earlier)
 Dexter and Hayes Public House - 1628 Dexter (Closed Aug 8, 2015)
Dimaggios - (Greenwood & 85th)
Ditto Tavern (also Water Boy's Tavern Backstreet Ditto) - 2303 5th Ave (1986-1998) (previously the Silver Stein)
Doc Maynards - 610 1st Ave
The Doubleheader - 407 2nd Ave (Est. 1934)
Downunder - 2401 1st Ave
Dragon Fish - 722 Pine (Est. 1997 as Blowfish, renamed to DragonFish in 2000)
Dubliner - 3515 Fremont Ave N (Est. 2001 this location, 1991 at 3405 Fremont; closed March 2015)
Duck Dodge Bar and Cafe - 1001 Fairview Ave N (1996-?)
Duck Island Ale House - 7313 Aurora Ave N
Dukes (Lake Union) - 901 Fairview Ave N
Dukes Greenlake - 7858 Green Lake Dr N
Dutch Ned's Saloon (now Planet Java) - 124 S Washington

Earth and Ocean (W Hotel) (Closed Dec 2, 2011; to reopen as "Trace")

Eastlake Zoo - 2301 Eastlake (Est. 1974, building constructed 1924, previously Hank's Tavern)
 Edge Grill - 1522 6th Ave (renamed in 2012 from Fox Sports Grill, closed June 1, 2013)
El Gaucho - 2505 1st Ave  (Est. 1953)
Elephant and Castle - 1415 5th Ave
Elite Tavern - 622 Broadway (First gay bar on Capitol Hill, gay as of 1979; Closed Jan 31 2007, and re-opened in Dec 2007 at 1520 E Olive Way in Dec 2007, then closed 2012; Olive Way location now Hillside Bar)
Elliot's Oyster House - 1201 Alaskan Way #101 (Est. 1975)
Elysian Brewing Co. - 1221 E Pike (Est. 1996)
Ernie Steele's (became Ileen's in 1991, Julia's in 2002) - 300 N Broadway
Fado - 801 1st Ave  (previously Tir Na Nog)
Fenix Underground (new) - 109 S Washington
Fenix Underground (old) - 315 2nd Ave S (Closed by Nisqually earthquake 2001; now 88 Keys)
Fiddler's Inn - 9219 35th NE (Open by 1939, current structure built 1933)
The Fillmore - Greenwood near 85th (I believe this was in the current Pig'n Whistle space at 8412?)
The Five Point - 415 Cedar (Est. 1933) (yelp, dives, citysearch)
Five Spot - 1502 Queen Anne
Flowers - 4247 University Ave NE
Floyd's Place - 521 1st N (Est. March 1994; Closed 6/22/2014)
Fox Sports Grill - 1522 6th Ave (Est. 2003, renamed "Edge Grill" in 2012)
Foxxes (The Church) - 1501 E Olive Way, Seattle
 Frontier Room - 2203 1st Ave (Closed March 2014; dive bar version closed July 2001)
Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku - 5410 Ballard Ave (closed Dec 23, 2011)
 FX McRorys - 419 Occidental Ave S (Est. 1977, Closed 2017, building constructed 1906)
Galway Arms - 5257 University Ave (closed Dec 31 2011, replaced by The Kraken)
Gameworks Lounge - 1511 7th Ave
Garage, The - 1130 Broadway
George and Dragon Pub - 206 N 36th (Est. 1995; previously Midget Tavern)
Gibsons - 1901 2nd (closed after 2001 earthquake)
Giggles - 5220 Roosevelt Way NE (closed 2010, became "Jiggles" strip club, formerly Blue Moon, Nifty Spot, Mascot Tavern, O'Banion's Tavern )
 Globe Ale House, The - 9736 Greenwood (Later Ould Triangle, Previously Mack's Tavern, Scorecard Tavern, O-Zone)
Goldies - 45th - 2121 N. 45th (Closed 2010, Previously Picture Palace, Checkerboard Tavern, Iron Bull, then Rat Hole Tavern; now Iron Bull again)
Goofy's - 8519 15th Ave NW (Est. 1973, Building constructed 1937, Previously Shire Tavern)
Gordon Biersch - 600 Pine St # 401
Graceland - 109 Eastlake E (previously Sub Zero, Off Ramp, now El Corazon)
Green Lantern - 1618 1/2 N 45th (30s through 90s)
Green Room, The - 1426 1st Ave
Greenlake Ale House - 7306 Aurora N (Previously Meet Me Here Tavern, Later Kangaroo and Kiwi)
Gus's / Chez Gus - 2801 Alaskan Way Est. 1999, Closed 2003 (now Paddy Coyne's)
Hales Brewery - 4301 Leary Way, Est. 1995
Hall of Fame - 45th and University
Hart Brewery - 1201 1st Ave, Est. 1995 (Renamed Pyramid in 1996), Building - 1914
Hatties Hat - 5231 Ballad, Est. 1959
Hilltop Ale House 2129 Queen Anne - Est. 1933, Building - 1910
Hollywood Underground - 323 2nd Ave S
Hop Vine Pub - 507 15th Ave E
Hoyt's Pub - 1527 Queen Anne Ave N
Irish Emigrant - 5260 University Way (now Rat & Raven)
 Islander - 96 Union (now Thoa's)
J&M Cafe - 201 1st Ave S - Est. 1902 (historical notes)
Jack's Roadhouse - 1501 E. Olive way, Seattle (now Clever Dunne's)
Jake's Grill - 332 15th Ave E, Seattle
Jasmine - 1102 4th Avenue  Seattle (Closed 2013)
Jillians - 731 Westlake Ave N, Closed 2012 (now World Sports Grill)
Kangaroo and Kiwi - 7305 Aurora N.  (Moved to Market St. 2012)
The Keg - 3411 Roosevelt
Kell's Irish Pub - 1916 Post Alley
Kelly's - 2234 3rd - Est. 1979, Closed Oct 2010
Kincora Pub - 518 E. Pine (Previously Bell Pine Tavern, Matthew's Harry Kid Tavern, Glynn's Cove, Squid Row, Tug's Belmont)
Knarr Tavern - 5633 University Way (Previously Hansen's Beer Parlor, Bailey's Tavern, U-Way Tavern) - Closed March 17, 2017
 Kort Haus - 6732 Greenwood Ave N (Previously 68th St. Tavern) - Est. 1969 or 1970 - Closed Jan 15 2017 - Building constructed 1927
Lake Union Grill - 711 Fairview N.
Larry's Greenfront - 209 1st Ave. - Est. 1962, Closed 2006 (later Crimson C)
Las Margaritas - 1122 Post Ave (now El Malecon)
 Last Supper Club - 124 S. Washington, Est. 1998 (previously Borderline, Dutch Ned's)
Latitude 47 (now Rock Salt) - 1232 Westlake Avenue
Latona Pub - 6423 Latona Avenue Northeast 
Lava Lounge - 2226 2nd Avenue
Leny's Tavern - 2217 North 56th Street (previously Cozy Spot, Hansen's Tavern, Howard's Tavern, Zepp's Tavern)
Library Bistro - 1007 1st Ave
Linda's Tavern - 707 E. Pine, Est. Feb 16, 1994
Lion's Lair - 7406 Aurora Ave N. - later Greenlake Alehouse, currently St. Andrews Bar and Grill
Liquid Lounge (EMP)
Little Red Hen - 7115 Woodlawn (Moved from 323 N 50th in 1968)- seattlepi
The Living Room - 1355 E Olive, Est. 2009
Lock and Keel - 5144 Ballard Ave, previous Club Tavern, Borge's Place
Lox, Stock & Billiards - 4552 University Way NE, later Tommy's
Luau - 2253 N. 56th - Est. 1997 (later The Pour House, Bandoler, The Publican, The Burgundian)
Mad Dog Ale House - 10200 Greenwood, burned down in 2000, previously El Paso Bar, Kelly's, Emerald Tavern, 102 Tavern, One O Two
Madame K's Pizza Bistro - 5327 Ballard Ave, closed Oct 28, 2010, later The Sexton
Manray - 514 E. Pine, closed 2007
Maple Leaf Grill - 8929 Roosevelt Way, Est. 1989 at 8909 Roosevelt, at current location in 1999
Marco's Supper Club - 2510 1st Ave, Est. 1994, closed 2011, later The Innkeeper, previously Seoul Tavern, Wheelhouse Suds & Deli
Marcus' Martini Heaven  - 88 Yesler (basement), Est. 1990, closed July 2010, later Underground Asian Fusion
McCormick and Schmicks - 1103 1st Ave - Closed Jan 2014
McCormick and Schmicks - 1200 Westlake Ave N (later Harborside)
McMenamins - 200 Roy St.
Merchant's Cafe - 109 Yesler Way, Est. 1890 (see historical notes)
Mercury - 1009 E. Union
Metropolitan Steakhouse - 829 2nd Ave,  Est. 1983
Mike's Chili Parlor - 1447 NW Ballard Ave, Est. 1940 (started in 1933 as sidewalk stand)
Mirabeau Room - 529 Queen Anne Ave, Est. 2004, Closed 2006, previously Sorry Charlie's, subsequently The Spectator
Moe's - 925 E Pike, Est. 1992, Closed 1997, Later, Paradise, noiselab, Neumos
Molly Maguire's - 610 NW 65th, Previously Woodland Tavern, Rinkidink, Flip Side Tavern
Monkey Pub - 5303 Roosevelt Way
 Morton's - 1511 6th Ave - Est. 1999 - Closed Jan 2017
Mr. Bills - 930 N 130th, Closed 2008, later All Nations Sports Bar, Kathy's Place
Mulleady's - 3055 21st Ave W  Seattle
Murphy's -  1928 N 45th (Moved from 2110 45th in 1992, Est 1981)
Nectar - 412 N 36th, Est. 2004
Neighbors - 1509 Broadway, Est. 1981 (previously Goldies on Broadway, Lucky Boy Tavern, Bogey's)
Neumos - 925 E Pike, Est. 2004 (previously Moe's,, Paradise Garage, noiselab)
Nickerson St. Saloon - 318 Nickerson (previously Cruver's Tavern, 318 Tavern)
Nitelite Lounge - 1920 2nd Ave (previously Firelight Lounge)
  Noc Noc - 1516 2nd Ave (Closed Aug 31, 2013; previously Art Bar)
Northgate Theatre Lounge - 10 Northgate Plaza (club for 1 year after theater closed)
Northlake Tavern and Pizza House - 660 NE Northlake Way (Opened 1954, moved to current location 1958, built 1934
Oceanaire - 1700 7th Ave - Est. Jan 2002, closed July 2009)
The Off Ramp - 109 Eastlake E - Est. Summer 1990, closed 1996? (later Sub Zero, Graceland El Corazon)
OK Hotel - 212 Alaskan Way - Opened in 1988, started serving beer in 1994; Closed by the Nisqually quake 2001
Old Pequliar - 1722 NW Market (Valhalla Tavern until 1991)
Old Timers - 620 1st Ave (previously Modesto Tavern, 1930s)
Old Town Alehouse - 5233 Ballard Ave - Est. 1995, Closed 2012 - Previously Ballard Bar (1898-1916), Silver Spot (30s to 80s), Enger's Fish Knot Inn (90s)
Outback Steakhouse Aurora - 13231 Aurora Ave N - Closed 2011, subsequently Asian 1
The Outrigger - 1900 5th Ave (Trader Vics) (1948-1991)
The Owl and Thistle - 808 Post Alley - Est. 1991
The Owl - 5140 Ballard Ave - Est. 1898 - now Conor Byrne
Ozzies Roadhouse - 105 W Mercer - Est. 1958, but not "Ozzie's" for that entire time, also Emerald Diner (90s), Star Bar
Pacific Inn - 3501 Stone Way - Est. 1985 OE - Previously Square Deal Tavern (40s-80s)
Palisade - 2601 West Marina Place - Est. June 1992
Pampas Room - 90 Wall - Est. 1998 - Previously The Tradewinds, My Suzie's Lounge
Paragon, The - 2125 Queen Anne - Est. 1995
Park Pub - 6112-6114 Phinney Ave N - Building constructed 1922 - Previously Richie's Inn (1930s), the Duck Low Inn (late 30s through 70s), Rooster Tail Tavern (80s)
Parkers - 17001 Aurora Ave - Est. 1930, legally serve beer in 1961, closed April 2012, demolished Nov. 2012 (, historylink)
Patti Summers' Lounge - Est. 1984 - Closed Sep. 2005 - Subsequently the Can Can
People's Pub - 5429 Ballard Ave NW - Est. Nov 22, 2000
Peso's Kitchen - 605 Queen Anne - Est Jan. 28, 1998
 Pig and Whistle - 8412 Greenwood N - Est. 1995; Closed 2012; Previously bar owned by Harvey Mashinter (30s), Central Tavern (1939-70s), Yo' Babes (70s), First Edition (80s), Winners Circle (90s)
Pike Pub - 1415 1st Ave - Est. 1996 in this location, 1989 as a brewery
Pink Door - 1919 Post Alley - Est. Dec. 1981
Pioneer Square Saloon - 73 Yesler (sometimes listed at 77) - Previously Yesler Beer Parlor / Tavern (30s - 80s)
Pub at Piper's Creek - 10527 Greenwood - Previously Viewlands Tavern (40s-60s), The Playhaus (70s), Racer's Edge Tavern (mid 70s); Manny's Tavern (late 70s); Bob's Goodtime Tavern (80s), B&L Tavern (1984), The Crazy Norwegian (80s-90s)
Planet Hollywood - 1506 6th Ave - Est. 1996, Closed 2001 - Later Tap House Grill
Polly Esther's - 332 5th Ave N - Previously Tropix Cafe, Later Element, Level 5, iMusic
Ponti - 3014 3rd Ave N - Est. 1991, Closed July 2, 2016
Premier - 1700 1st Ave S - Est. 2004, Closed 2006 - Laster Fenix SoDo, Showbox SoDo
Prost! - 7311 Greenwood - Est. 2002 - Formerly Kismet
Purr - 1518 11th - Est. 2006 - Formerly Safari, Bad Juju Lounge
Pyramid Alehouse - 1201 1st Ave, Est. 1996 (renamed from Hart Brewery Pub)
Queen City Grill - 2201 1st Ave - Est. 1901-1911 (see history)
Rain Dancer - 4217 University Way - Later Finn Mac Cools
Rainbow, The (1930s-2000s), briefly Sandpiper Tavern in 70s, subsequently Fusion Ultra Lounge
Ray's Boathouse - 6049 Seaview Ave NW - Est. 1973
Rkcndy - 1812 Yale (now Spring Hill Suites) - Est. 1991, Closed 1999
Re-bar - 1114 Howell - Est. Jan 1990, building constructed 1920 - Previously the Night Hawk (30s to 70s), Thirsty's Tavern (70s), Sparks Tavern (80s), Alexrock Saloon (80s)
Reading Gaol - 418 NW 65th - Est. 2000, Closed 2011 - Previously Johnny's 65th St Tavern (40s), Ben's Tavern (late 40s), Dan's Tavern (60s), Hagar's Tavern (80s-90s); Later 418 Public House
Red Door (formerly at 3401 Fremont Ave, building moved to 3401 Evanston Ave N) - Est. 1988
Red Onion Tavern - 4210 E Madison - Est. by 1940 at 4222 and at existing address by 1980
Red Robin - 3272 Fuhrman Ave (Original Red Robin) - Est. as Sam's Tavern in 1940, renamed Red Robin some time in the 40s, Closed March 21, 2010
Red Robin - 1101 Alaskan Way
Red Robin - 555 Northgate Mall #430
Red Robin - 1600 E Olive Way - Previously Plaid Piper Restaurant (Tartan Room Lounge)
Rendezvous - 2322 2nd Ave - Est. as screening room 1924, subsequently a speakeasy, then bar
Reservoir Bar and Grill - 8509 Roosevelt Way - 1934
Rimrock Steakhouse - 12322 Lake City Way -
The Rickshaw - 322 N 105th (constructed 1950)
Roanoke Tavern / Park  Place - 2409 10th Avenue E - Est. 1980 (Dutch Tavern from 30s, Sgt Pepper's in mid 70s; constructed 1921)
Rock Bottom Brewery - 1333 5th Ave - Closed Dec 31, 2016
Rock Salt - 1232 Westlake Ave
RockSport Bar and Grill - 4209 SW Alaska St - Est. 1995 - Closed July 15, 2012
The Romper Room - 106 1st Ave N - (previously Midway Tavern, Tic Toc Tavern, Arthur's Pub; subsequently Water Town, currently Hula Hula)
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - 727 Pine St - Est. 1004 (Chain est. 1965, est. prev. Seattle location 1988)
Satellite Lounge - 1118 E Pike - (previously Spag's Tavern; subsequently Unicorn)
Sazerac - 1101 1st Ave (Hotel Monaco) - closed Jan 1, 2017
Scoundrel's Lair (and Club Fiasco) - 3242 Eastlake Ave E - previously Rapunzel's Tavern (also Llahnguelhyn jazz/coffee); currently Borsalino's
Serafina - 2043 Eastlake Avenue E - Est. 1991
Shorty's Coney Island - 2222 2nd Ave, suite 2222A - Est. 1997 (designed by Larry Reid)
Siren Tavern - 3403 4th Ave S - Est. 1967
Sit & Spin - 2219 4th Ave - Est. Sep 1993 - Closed 2003
Sitting Room - 108 W Roy - Est. 1998
Six Arms -  300 E Pike - Est. 1994
The Sloop Tavern - 2830 NW Market - Est. 1953
Sluggers - 538 1st Ave S - Est. March 10th, 1998 - (formerly Stanley's Ticker Tape, Sneakers)
Sneakers - 538 1st Ave S - Est. 1980 - Closed 1996 - formerly Stanley's Ticker Tape; now Sluggers
Sorry Charlies - 529 Queen Anne - Est. 1975 - Closed Sep. 2003
Space Needle - 400 Broad St. - Est. 1962
Sport (Fischer Plaza) - 140 4th Ave N., Suite 130 - Est Jan. 2005
Squid Row - 518 E Pine - Est. 1986 - Closed 1990 - Previously Bell Pine Tavern, Mathew's Harry Kid Tavern, Glynn's Cove; subsequently Tugs Belmont, Beatnix, Kincora Pub
St. Andrews Bar and Grill - 7406 Aurora Ave N - Est. Oct 26, 2005 - Previously Greenlake Tavern, Lion's Lair
Starlite Lounge - 1921 1st Ave -  Est. Oct 1, 2005 - Closed 2007 - Previously Cafe Sophie, Avenue One, Cha Bar, Fire and Ice Lounge
Storeroom - 605 Eastlake Ave, Seattle - Previously Eastlake Tavern; subsequently Mars Cafe
Studio 7 - 110 S. Horton - Est. 2003
Stumbing Monk - 1625 E. Olive Way
Suite G - 513 N. 36th St. - Previously Black Citroen; subsequently High Dive
Sully's Snowgoose - 6119 Phinney - Previously The Bohemian / La Boheme (est. 1934)
Sundown Tavern - 820 NW 85th St (new owner, remodeled, renamed "Sweet Lou's" on 6/26/2010)
Sunset Tavern -  5433 Ballard Ave - Est. 1976 (Est. 1972 in space of current Ballard Smokehouse) - Formerly Chet's Log Cabin
Swannies - 222 S. Main St. (Moved to 109 S Washngton in 2008)
Teddy's Tavern - 1912 NE 65th - Est. 1984 - Previously King Tuck's Tavern, Starting Gate Tavern, Caskeg Mt. Tavern
Temple Billiards - 126 S. Jackson - Est. 1994
Ten Mercer - 10 Mercer St. - Est. Dec. 2000, Building constructed 1918
Tex's Tavern - 206 5th Ave - Est. 1947 - Subsequently Zak's, The Funhouse
Tia Lou's / Mama Lou's - 2218 1st Ave - Est. 2000
Tiki Bob's Cantina - 166 S. King St. - Est. 2001, Closed Sep 3, 2012
Tin Hat - 512 NW 65th St.
Tini Bigs - 100 Denny Way - Est. Jan 22, 1997
Toi - 1904 4th Ave - Est. 2001 - Closed 2008 - Previously: Dahlia Lounge (moved to 2001 4th)
Tommy's - 4552 University Ave - Previously Lox, Stock & Billiards
Tractor Tavern - 5213 Ballard Ave NW - Est. 1993 - Formerly New Melody Tavern, International Schooner, Melody Tavern
Triangle Tavern - 3507 Fremont Pl - Est. 1998 - Closed 2009 - Formerly Classic Tavern; Subsequently 9 Million in Unmarked Bills
Trolleyman Pub - 3400 Phinney N. - Opened Oct 6, 1988 - Closed Sep 14, 2002 - Previously The Library Tavern, The Dancing Machine, D.B. Cooper Bar and Grill
TS McHughs - 21 Mercer St. - Est. 1990
Twin TeePees - 7201 Aurora Ave N - Opened 1937 - Closed Jun 1, 2000 - Powers Pancake House 1959-1967
Two Bells - 2313 4th Ave - Est. 1933? (Modern version established 1982)
Two Dagos from Texas - 2600 1st Ave - Est. 1989? - Closed 2004 - Subsequently Black Bottle
Typhoon - 1400 Western Ave - Est. 2000 - Closed April 11, 2009 - Formerly Wild Ginger; subsequently Dulces Latin Bistro
Union - 1400 1st Ave - Est. 2003 - Closed 2010 - Subsequently Japonessa
The Viceroy (now Rob Roy) -  2332 2nd Ave - Est. 2003
Viking Tavern - 6404 24th NW - Est. 1950 - Closed April 20, 2013
The Virginia Inn - 1937 1st Ave - Est. 1908 (historical notes)
The Vogue - 2018 1st Ave - Est. 1983 - Moved 1999 (facebook) - Previously Babe's  Tavern, Northern Light Tavern, Johnny's Handlebar Tavern, WREX
The Vogue - 1516 11th Ave - Est. 1999 - Closed 2006
 Von's Grand City Café - 619 Pine St. - Est. in this location 1987; Est. as "Von's" in 1940; originally established as Rippes in 1904, moved to Von's 1000Spirits GustoBistro on 1st in 2013.

Wasabi Bistro - 2311 2nd Ave - Est. 2000
Waterfront - Pier 70 (now Aqua by El Gaucho, formerly Pier 70 Restauant, Rockin' Iguana Cantina), Building constructed 1902
Watertown - 106 1st Ave N. - Closed 2006 - Previously Midway Tavern, Tic Toc Tavern, Arthur's A Fine Pub, Romper Room; subsequently Hula Hula
Waterwheel Tavern - 7034 15 Ave NW - Est. 1974 (est. by 1960 at 7011)
The Weathered Wall (And The Weathered Wall, The Purity Remains) - 1921 5th Ave -  Est. 1992 - Closed 1996 - subsequently Circa, I-Spy
The Whisky Bar - 2000 2nd Ave, Suite 101 -  Closed 2012 for move
Wild Ginger - 1401 3rd Ave - Est. July 2000
Winner's Circle - 8412 Greenwood N. - Previously Central Tavern, First Edition; subsequently Pig and Whistle
Zig Zag Café - 1501 Western Ave, #202 - Est. 1998

Bars from other areas:
Celtic Bayou - 7281 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA
Club Hollywood - 16708 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA
Detour, The - 221 Main Ave S, Renton, WA
Drift On Inn - 16708 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA (Closed December 2015)
 Echo Lake Tavern - 19508 Aurora Ave N,  Shoreline, WA
Goldies - 15030 Aurora Ave, Shoreline, WA
 Jimmy Z's - 1712 Hewitt ave  Everett, WA - Est. 1983 - Closed 2008
Mick Finster's - 24001 Washington 99  Edmonds, WA
Sam's Bar and Grill - 100 11th Ave, Bellevue, WA
Scott's Bar and Grill - Edmonds, WA 
Shays - 15744 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA
Waldo's - Lynnwood, WA 

Electric Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ
Anderson's Fifth Estate (Area 51) (Now Club Forbidden), Scottsdale, AZ
Axis/Radius, Scottsdale, AZ
Bistro Bravo, Scottsdale, AZ
Cajun Room, Scottsdale, AZ
Cat Eye Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ
Cowboy Ciao, Scottsdale, AZ
DJs, Scottsdale, AZ
Dos Gringos, Scottsdale, AZ
The Drift, Scottsdale,AZ
Giligan's, Scottsdale,AZ
Mason Jar (The Killing Jar), Scottsdale, AZ - Est. 1979
Maloneys, Scottsdale, AZ
Martini Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ
Sugar Daddy's, Scottsdale, AZ
Balboa Cafe, Tempe, AZ
Club Congress, Tucson, AZ
Meet Rack, Tucson, AZ
Plush, Tucson, AZ
Wildcat House, Tucson, AZ
Bar Sinister, Los Angeles, CA
Dragon Fly, Los Angeles, CA
  Ruby, (Perversion), Los Angeles, CA
Trader Vics, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Aero Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Big Heart City (Death Guild), San Francisco, CA
Cat Club, San Franciso, CA
Luna Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Pow, San Francisco, CA
Ten 15, San Francisco, CA
Una, San Francisco, CA
The Church, Denver, CO
Club Onyx, Denver, CO
The Angry Inch, Washington, DC
Asylum, Washington, DC
Biddy Mulligans, Washington, DC
The Big Hunt, Washington, DC
Chaos, Washington, DC
The Childe Harold, Washington, DC
Cloud, Washington, DC
Club Heaven and Hell, Washington, DC
Columbia Station, Washington, DC
The Edge, (Chiaroscuro), Washington, DC
Gazuza Lounge, Washington, DC
Harry's Pub, Washington, DC
The Pharmacy Bar, Washington, DC
The Reef, Washington, DC
Sign of the Whale, Washington, DC
The Tavern, Washington, DC
Tom Tom, Washington, DC
Mai Kai, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Mango's/Vodou Room, Miami, FL
Oceans 10, Miami, FL
Wet Willies, Miami, FL
Irish Rose, Waikiki, HI
The Shorebird, Waikiki, HI
Waikiki Broiler, Waikiki, HI
10th St. Station, Boise, ID
Andy's Pub, Boise, ID
Angell's Bar and Grill, Boise, ID
Blues Bouquet, Boise, ID
The Cactus, Boise, ID
Casey's Beer Depot, Boise, ID
Corner Pocket, Boise, ID
The Crescent, Boise, ID
Hannah's, Boise, ID
Little Dutch Garden, Boise, ID
Louie's, Boise, ID
Mardi Gras, Boise, ID
Mr. Q's, Boise, ID
Quinn's, Boise, ID
Ram The, Boise, ID
The Reef, Boise, ID
Tom Grainey's, Boise, ID
Top of the Hoff, Boise, ID
The Underground, Boise, ID
Vista Lounge, Boise, ID
Whalers' Galley, Boise, ID
Whiskey River Saloon, Boise, ID
Valentinos, Boise, ID
Forrestors, McCall, ID
Lardo's, McCall, ID
McCall Brewing Company, McCall, ID
Yacht Club Lounge, McCall, ID
Shula's, Chicago, IL
Spy Bar, Chicago, IL
Cask and Flagon, Boston, MA
Chicago Bar and Grill, Boston, MA
Daisy Buchanans, Boston, MA
Eastern Standard, Boston, MA
Freeport Tavern, Boston, MA
Pushcart Café, Boston, MA
Sevens, Boston, MA
Tiernans, Boston, MA
Tiki Room, Boston, MA
PJ Cricketts, Baltimore, MD
Music Menu, Detroit, MI
Shelaileah's, Detroit, MI
Coyote Ugly, Las Vegas, NV
Ra, Las Vegas, NV
Daily Double Lounge, Lake Oswego, OR
Alibi Room, Portland, OR
Ash St. Saloon, Portland, OR
Basement Pub, Portland, OR
Belmont's Inn, Portland, OR
Berbati's Pan, Portland, OR
BOG (Bar Of the Gods),Portland, OR (opened 1996; previously The Crow, closed 1996)
Bossanova Social Club, Portland, OR
The Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
Dantes, Portland, OR
Devil's Point, Portland, OR
Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR ( - flickr - yelp - citysearch)
Galaxy, Portland,OR
  Jasmine Tree, Portland, OR
Pal's Shanty, Portland, OR
Pirates Cove, Portland, OR
Satyricon, Portland, OR
Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, OR
Side St., Portland, OR
The Space Room, Portland, OR
Voodoo Lounge, Portland, OR
The Watertrough Saloon, Portland, OR
The Hot Seat, Tualatin, OR
The Church Brewpub, Pittsburgh, PA
  Club Laga (Ceremony), Pittsburgh, PA - Est. 1996 - Closed 2004
M, Pittsburgh, PA
Metropolis, Pittsburgh, PA
Rosebud, Pittsburgh, PA
Caravan of Dreams, Dallas, TX
Rumors, Milwaukee,WI
Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON
Wayne Gretzky's, Toronto, ON
Smokeless Joes, Toronto, ON
 Savage Garden, Toronto, ON - Closed 2009
Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ON
Rock Bottom Brewery (Bellevue)
Java Jive, Tacoma, WA
Elephant and Castle, Vancouver, BC
Railway Club, Vancouver, BC
Bulldog, Vancouver, BC
BNR Tropical Daquiris, Nassau, Bahamas
Johnny Canoe's Cafe, Nassau, Bahamas
Goombay Lounge, Nassau, Bahamas
Senor Frog's, Nassau, Bahamas

*Footnote: Subsequent verification of addresses and etc., as well as tweaking the definition of what I counted as a bar, led to adjustments to this number in early 2012. I removed 8 entries that were either dups, not really bars (e.g. an all ages club), or simply could not be confirmed. I added 5 new entries after clarifying what I counted as a bar. I also moved 11 that I'd previously included in the "Seattle" section, which are/were not technically within the Seattle city limits. Adjustments were made to the numbering scheme in Jan 2012 to account for 3 fewer bars and 14 fewer "Seattle" bars.